Dada’s Troost


One-of-a-kind Art-Rock trio that amazes you and sounds like a mix of Depeche Mode and Red Hot Chili Peppers, around bass player and vocalist Pieter van den Berkmortel, with the guarantee of a Zappa-like and genre transcending live performance.

Dada’s Troost are an Art-Rock trio from Helmond, the Netherlands, founded in 2013. After a carrier as a bass player Pieter started Dada’s Troost, moving to songwriter and front man. Initially lyrics were mostly in Dutch, stuffed with social satire and sarcastic views on the contemporary Western world. Due to the bass-oriented compositions and the addition of noise guitar the band was soon called “the Dutch Primus”.  In this form the band released 3 albums, an EP and several singles, slowly developing its unique sound. In 2019 “De Staat van het Avondland” was released, recorded by Guido Aalbers (NL) and mastered by Any Vandette (NY), this latest release was well received by magazines such as Aardschok (NL) and Rock Tribune (BE). The band played 60+ clubs, festivals, and supported bands like Prong (US).   

During the covid-19 pandemic the guards were let down. Pieter decided he wanted to write about topics that really mattered in his personal life such as loss, addiction, and inter-human difficulties. The lyrics are now in English, the music became darker, more melodic, melancholic, but still has its distinctive basslines in it. The band started experimenting with Electro and instruments such as brass and mellotron, discarding the constraint that a band should comply to a certain genre. “If you are Bowie or Nick Cave, you can explore any genre you like at any point in time, so why shouldn’t small artists work like this?!”. Embracing this approach, the band already plays the new songs live, together with the older material. Doing this the band can come up with a fascinating live show, throwing the audience in every musical corner in a Zappa-like live performance, taking them along in our journey. 

Dada’s Troost are:

Pieter van den Berkmortel: Bass & Vocals   
Associated acts: Only Fate Remains (NL) / Preuteleute (BE).
Toured and shared the stage with acts like Prong, Dog Eat Dog, Epica and the Gathering

Dirk van Duijnhoven: Guitars
Associated acts: Kadinski (NL)

Jim van de Kerkhof: Drums and Electro         
Associated acts: All For Nothing (NL), Vetrar Draughin (NL).
Toured world-wide, shared the stage with bands like Offspring, Comeback Kid, and Parkway Drive.

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